Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meet Us: The Women Behind Wild Red

Julia and I with our older brother, Mikey (more on him later). We're on a family trip visiting the Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Who am I? (Wendy)

I’m not always entirely sure and I’m okay with that. I read a quote recently that said, 'I’m constantly figuring myself out'. What I do know is that life isn’t black and white and everything isn’t certain. I know I love to laugh and be silly. I love adventures and new places. I’ve loved fashion and clothes for as long as I can remember, a trait that was passed directly onto Julia and I from our mom. In fact, most of my memories revolve around playing dress up with a wardrobe that she filled with her clothes from the 70’s and 80’s.

After 31 years of life, I’m still learning how to follow my own intuition. Despite being the older sister, I find myself constantly going to Julia for advice. She is honest and blunt yet so incredibly tender and sincere. I hold her opinion in the highest regard and can’t believe how lucky I am to have her in my life.

Who is she?

"I’m Julia, the younger half of the Wild Red duo. I am a lover of handmade and vintage goodies. I have been making and creating since a young age thanks for our mother. Wendy and I both started sewing when we were very little and I had a passion for it right off the bat. Some of my favorite childhood memories are centered around homemade Halloween costumes and other sewing projects we worked on with our mom. This passion grew and eventually I received my BFA with a concentration in fiber art. In 2015 I started a small business, Electric Pink, selling my handmade work.

Vintage clothing and home d├ęcor also hold a special place in my heart. Never satisfied with what stores in the mall had to offer, I started seeking out vintage clothing in high school. I just so happened to fall in love with (and eventually marry!) a guy who shares my passion for a wardrobe that relies heavily on vintage finds and DIY fixes.

Outside of crafting and hunting thrift stores for unique finds; I love spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy being around people that make me laugh and encourage me to be the weirdo that I am."

And what about "US"?

Sisters. Two minds, one heart. We’ve been best friends since day one. Another important life element that our mother instilled in us. She always made it clear how important family was. We are two years apart and while very individual creatures, we are positively kindred spirits. We are both emotional and spiritual dreamers. We make big plans and have big hopes. We’ve experienced heartbreak together and separately, and know all too well that life is short and precious.

We were born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit. Julia currently residing there and myself, in Los Angeles. Much like us, LA and Detroit are very different but are both a haven for the kind of creative freedom we are constantly yearning for. Every day, we are learning more about ourselves and that anything is possible. We started Wild Red to fulfill a personal and deep love of fashion, but are hoping to be a resource and an inspiration as you follow us along on this new adventure that we too, are learning to navigate.

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